woensdag 19 december 2001

Tom’s Spotted Dick
Naar aanleiding van het stukje over de English Cuisine kreeg ik een reactie van Anne, een lerares in Amerika, zij vertelde mij dit verhaal over een Spotted Dick:

“It was the first day I introduced my students to the Internet. We didn't have a modem in the class yet, so I downloaded the stuff onto a disk, put the disk in the computer in the room, and projected the screen onto a projection screen so the whole class could see if. The project was the ‘Christmas Food Game’. I'd put on disk a bunch of responses already sent into the game posts from kids in various places describing what they were going to eat on Christmas Day. My kids marveled at the different foods that were holiday fare in England, New York, Texas, and other places, but about 2/3 of the way thru the reading, they hit a really interesting one from a guy, named Tom, in England who said for Christmas Breakfast he was going to eat “Spotted Dick with Custard, of course”.... and my class about fell out their seats.
I did not then know what Tom's Spotted Dick was, so when they asked I was honestly dunno'ing.... And, one of the first quests they performed on the Internet was to write Tom to find out just what Spotted Dick was. They found out that Tom does indeed serve a tasty “Spotted Dick”. But, Frans, I guess I better add that Spotted Dick is a desert in a log-shape that contains raisins. (sigh)

Dat laatste wisten we natuurlijk al. Er zijn nu mensen die liever niet meer spreken van een ‘spotted Dick’. Zij hebben het over een ‘spotted Richard’. Ik betwijfel of dat net zo letter smaakt.

Nog 12 dagen tot de komst van de Euro.

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